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About Project

Starting from the creative perspective of the J team, our focus for the new mobile application has been to provide a unique learning experience for every child to discover and engage with the educational yet entertaining content of Magic Spell ABC.

Featuring 26 delightfully animated characters from A to Z, Magic Spell ABC is uniquely designed to not only educate but also to nurture the creativity and imagination of young learners through their own discovery and play.

Launched in February (2017), our new app can be easily downloaded from Apple's iPhone App Store and Google Play. Aligned with our brand strategy, we have also expanded our communication channels with our new app website and social media platforms as we strive to provide a unique online and offline customer experiences.
  • Clientthe J
  • DateFeb. 2017
  • What we didMobile Application for Kids
  • LocationWorldwide
Our Mission
Inspired by what kids today enjoy the most, we set our goal to provide a truly delightful and creative content that would inspire kids' imagination and to facilitate a more fun and easy learning experience with family and friends using the simple functions of the mobile device.
UI / UX Strategy
To accommodate a child-friendly learning experience, we leveraged the engaging features of the mobile device and integrated elements of kid's play (character, colour, animation, sound and video) that effectively communicate our design concept of a 'Creative Role Play'. Our simple UI/UX design and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) ensures easy interaction for both kids and parents to use, explore and discover the app with ease.
Visual Direction
In order to create focus and keep young users engaged, we identified key colours for great visibility and easy navigation while bringing each character to life with our fun colour play and unique animations. The visual design language appears consistent across our illustrated pages and other graphic elements.
Magic Spell ABC is an educational app that also offers entertainment features for all kids and parents to enjoy a new creative learning experience that can be shared with family and friends. Through the creative role play of 26 animated characters from a dinosaur, an ancient mummy, to a yeti, a pirate and so much more, our easy-to-use mobile app is a fun and effective tool designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage the creativity of young learners today.
Capture the moment in real-time or simply upload your child's photo to combine your child's face with the amazing 26 characters. You can click on the tutorial icon to learn about the pinch zoom and the rotation function.
Children can explore the magical world of ABC and build up their knowledge with exceptional and easy-to-play phonic sounds.
Designed for all kids and parents, MAGIC SPELL ABC is a perfect child-friendly app to spark every child's inner creativity and to enjoy the learning experience together through easy interactions with our unique animated characters from A to Z.
Clear and vivid colors are used to help children stay focused while bringing a delightful experience with fantastic characters.
Mobile web design for Magic spell kids App
Mobile web design for Magic spell kids App

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